Tortoise Tank 2.0 – Building My Buddy A New Home

Tortoise Tank 2.0

Click on the image to see a 3d model.

Using Sketchup, I designed a tank for my Hermann’s Tortoise- which in theory will last for his lifetime.  His current tank is just a bit too small to be sustainable.

Since His tank sits at 32 Degrees Celsius and 70-85% Humidity at all times, I’m torn between using sealed Oak. Pine and ‘sealing’ it with double wall corrugated plastic would be a lot cheaper.

The Plan For The Tank

The overall plan is to have a top door, front dual sliding doors and a door on each side that opens with a hinge on the bottom (and a lock on the top! Hermann’s Tortoises are climbers).

I’d like if the base and the top are two separate structures so that it could be moved easily.  I incorporated this thought into the design with a ‘runner’ around the base of the tank itself- for handholds when needed.  A nice side effect is covering the power bars from top-down viewing, as well- with the added benefit of protecting them from any sort of moisture or generic damage.

The Delay

I’m hoping that staple1161 gets started on the actual build soon, we’ve had this on the books for two weeks now.

I already have new carpet for the inside, his logs and dishes- just need to build the actual cabinet.

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