Raspberry Pi 1/2 Garage Controller with HD Video (piCam)

Title pretty much says it all- difficulty is dependant on whether or not a person copy/pastes my code or tries to run their own.  I will help with modifications to the code, if you need the help.

In this example, I’m using a raspberry pi 1 as the additional software (webiopi) at the time was not compatible with anything other than the pi1.  Feel free to check for updates on this, if you have a different pi.  I don’t know the capabilities of the piZero- so please don’t ask if it will work with that device.

Link One: Chris Driscoll’s Initial Instructions- https://www.driscocity.com/idiots-guide-to-a-raspberry-pi-garage-door-opener/
Link Two: My tweaks to the html- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RQ9Vf-_Ty5UuMGdkD0zEaDtdCNYjwhDSWnd29Ql6a2I

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