Keto Craziness (or, How I am trying to lose the Belly)

Skip the BS- Here’s the Recipes!

WTF is Keto?
Keto is simply training your body to eat fat instead of sugar.  I’m not a dietician.  That description may not be entirely accurate.  For me, Keto is no wheat, no sugar- at all.

It sounds like hell.  Why?
It’s actually not as bad as I feared.  Keto is MUCH better than the low-carb attempt I had last year.  MUCH.  I got to the point where I hated eating – on low carb.  With Keto, I look forward to the meals.

I’ve spoken to numerous people now (3) about keto diets and their results have been nothing short of amazing. LN lost 65 pounds, Greg over 70- both in 6 months.

I waffled and hummed and hawed about it for about two months now and finally decided to just do it. Keto begins …. NOW.

N has decided to mostly join me on the trail of less fatty-fat-fat (Keto) where she is still going to cheat with cereal and sweets occasionally. I am going completely sugar free as much as possible.

The first shopping trip of $400 was kind of shitty, I must say. Made worse by the three full garbage bags of food to the dump (we gave what wasn’t expired or open to the food bank).

I thought I might have a harder time of this to be honest, but I’m on day three and not struggling too badly. Where I would snack on chips or something sweet at night, instead I have herb and garlic cream cheese on celery. Breakfast consists of pomelo (which I love) or Greek yogurt with seeds.

Coffee is tricky, but I’m quickly getting used to only cream or sweetened with stevia. I tried bulletproof coffee… Meh. Nothing amazing.

I’m waiting for my body to kick into ketogenesis. N struggled twice over the last two days with sudden headache and fussiness. I was kind of a bitch last night.

Tomorrow will be the first real hurdle as I go back to work. It’s going to be interesting to choose a salad.

I’ll post a new section soon with some of my recipes.

Update Feb 9/18: Keto Full-On
I’ve been in ketosis on and off although I am not certain what is causing me to be out since I’ve been good and followed my diet fairly religiously.  My total weight lost at this point is 36 pounds (Over 10% of my bodyweight to start). I’ve had to notch three new holes in my belts, and now my pants fit weird as I have a ‘loop’ at some point around my waist- I choose the front as it makes me look like my junk is not that of a white-man.  The back would only invite coworkers to drop things in the hole.

I have a regular run of recipes I make for dinner and I posted them above.

Choco-Peanut-Coconut fat bombs are a god-send.

A coworker said that I should eat like shit for a few days to ‘reset’ my body then go back on the diet.  I think there may be some logic in that, as I have kind of plateau’d for the last 10 days or so.  The concern is getting back on it.  I’m having a cheat day today where I had a Donair for lunch (Meat, Pita, Sauce, Cheese and Onions), and I am 3 beers into a Kokanee case.

The more I think on it, the more sense it makes to have a weekend-a-month (or so) where I just enjoy myself.  … Hmmmm

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