Updated Feb 19 – Building an All-In-One Arcade Cabinet from Scratch (mostly)

Updated Here: LINK!
If your browser allows it, click on the below image to see a 3D version.

Edit: Feb 19, 2017

I got pretty well lit on Friday and decided to rebuild the internal guts of the cabinet as it was having weird issues on bootup and such.  Now, it powers on a lot faster.  If you got here from my facebook page, you probably saw my drunken FaceBook live videos.  What a mess.  Anyways- here’s some media:









Edit: Feb 15, 2017

I’ve been tinkering in SketchUp again, and mainly working on the graphics for now.  I believe this is where I am headed with more to come:
Cabinet LeftCabinet Right

I drunkenly bought two wiimote guns for the cabinet after playing WAY TOO MUCH Time Crisis on the weekend.  Then, while they were enroute I went out and bought myself an AimTrak Recoil- this is identical to the gun you played with in the arcades back in the day:
Cheapo WiiMote Guns     vs      AimTrak Gun with Recoil

The differences:
WiiMote Guns are too sensitive (fixed with settings), cheap feeling but wireless.
AimTrak Guns are accurate to a fault when calibrated, all players must use the gun at the same height for the eyesight calibration to be true, wired. Also requires a 36V/10A power connection for the recoil feature.

I also have a racing wheel and pedals for the cabinet that still have to be attached.
Logitech GT Racing Wheel

Building a custom arcade cabinet is NOT an easy task. I’ve been lucky enough to have a lot of help from Adam and “GigaPig” from the hyperspin-fe.com forums as well as ‘SimplyAustin’s videos.  They are an excellent source of information- most issues I came across were already discussed, at length- which I commented to him about- calling him “wordy”.  🙂

Building a cabinet is also not cheap, nor legal if you don’t own the games. No, I will not help you find them- it’s taken me YEARS to acquire the meager collection (in comparison to some out there) that I have.

At this point, I believe I need to focus on the specific systems that I want and work on those- the extras (Colecovision and Commodore systems) will be a nice bonus later, but at this point I want a working cabinet that the wife can easily navigate and play with.

Edit: Feb 11, 2017

This whole project has taken a lot of my time.  The primary issue has been the individual emulators and their controls.  Acquiring the several hundred gigabytes of games has not been fantastic either. The plan changed as I was able to acquire a table from work that was wrecked- a few minutes of paint and a bucketload of screws later, and I have this:

Err… this:

Naked PC inside cabinet

80% done, displaying a random game on the cabinetrotated monitor view of the cabinet Side view of the cabinet

I was able with Staple1161’s help to break down the pc and mount it to a board inside the cabinet- instead of trying to secure an entire PC inside.  It’s running an i5 with a GTX780 video card and 16GB of 1666 DDR3 ram.  I mounted the monitor on a custom mount I bought that allows me to turn the monitor 270 degrees- so for pinball, I will have a script that runs and rotates the primary display.

Will eventually invest in a watercooler for the cpu and most likely attach the 110v fans I got just for better airflow. Some speakers will be a nice addition although I have to admit the TV speakers aren’t doing too badly.

Still have to reset-up my script I made to launch a browser in kiosk mode that plays 100xr/Google Play Music/something.

Also, I have to constantly remind myself that I shouldn’t be logging in to any of my personal services on this thing as I may end up selling it.


Play all the games

So where am I now? It’s mostly working on all the emulators.  All that’s left is to:
Last- choose my graphics and get them printed
Sooner- Configure all the controllers so they work with their appropriate games
Soon- Work on naming conventions as some games aren’t loading.
Ongoing- get more games

Future- paint and cable management.
Click on this image for a movable 3D version of the original, the new one coming soon: (if your browser allows it)

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