This site is intended for tutorials on some of my hacks, tweaks and customizations.
I fully intend on smart-proofing the items I post, so please watch for the markers
on each article for my best guess at the difficulty levels.

There will be older articles posted at first- but I intend on updating them.

If you want to see my current and almost endless list of projects, click the projects link (when available).

Thanks for visiting!


Tutorial difficulty levels

In order to effectively follow my tutorials, first look for the number of

Realize that the more there are (1.x-5.0), the more difficult I believe the tutorial to be.
would be the easiest tutorial I can offer.
would only be recommended for advanced, patient users and/or those who can competently read and have time.


Pushing for updates

I try my best to keep the site up-to-date at all times. Unfortunately sometimes real life gets in the way. Should you find that a tutorial is not up-to-date or seems stagnant, please feel free to use the comment form or email to ask for updates.